A new wave of community energy brought together the members of the Balfour BC Chamber in July 2006.

The Balfour & District Business & Historic Association’s mission is to ensure that Balfour thrives as a fun place to play, work, and live.

Benefits of Balfour & District Membership

Your business will be highlighted on the Balfour & District website, on maps, and in promotional literature. You will have opportunities to maximize your advertising dollar through group projects sponsored by BDBHA, including our billboard at the Kootenay Bay ferry landing, and on our ferry tvs.

Your single voice will be amplified into one Big Voice for the benefit of Balfour and you.

Balfour’s tourism and community improvement efforts, all designed to help your business prosper, will be more coordinated to avoid “reinventing the wheel.”

You’ll be invited to attend discussion groups with government representatives to influence thoughtful development in Balfour.


Download a Mail-In Membership Application

To join online, email the above application to

We look forward to welcoming you!