The Balfour Business and Historic Association are pleased to bring to our community the 25th Anniversary Edition of Kootenay Outlet Reflections.  The original book, though long out of print was still very sought after as a wonderful window into our past. Our organization, knowing the importance of our communitie’s histories, wanted to reprint and update the book and provide an opportunity for more submissions. The internet has also brought access to more information and pictures.

It was the pioneers who lived the history who wrote and published the first edition in 1988, and it is the next generation who heard the stories that are the volunteers who worked so hard to bring you the new updated version. Our group was small but energetic taking on chapters, editing, chasing down family stories and pictures. It is important we recognize their efforts and contributions. A special thanks to Janice Cooper who compiled and typed the submitted family stories and to the committee members noted below who met weekly to make the new edition come to life… Naomi Bagshaw, Nancy Corrin, Diana Forrester, Ursula Heller, Pat Sabo, Carol Thompson and Truss Zelonka.

Thanks to Doug and Phyllis Smith for use of their Queens Bay Summer Homes history as well the many who helped with articles, photos and advice, we could not have done it without all the help.

It is important to remember this history, even updated, is not complete. We depended on submissions and tried to fill gaps, that we through our own experiences could bring forward. Please excuse any errors or mistakes we as volunteers may have made. Our Outlet Communities History continues to educate and entertain us all; we feel privileged to have been a small part of helping to chronicle it. Josh Smienk, Committee Chair